Programs for Mental Illness and Intellectual Disabilities

For a person suffering from intellectual or developmental disabilities, day-to-day functions may be a challenge. At Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute (PPI), we recognize that the combination of intellectual disabilities and mental illness/psychiatric disorders can be a challenge for the patient and the family.

Programs for Mental Illness and Intellectual Disabilities

People suffering from intellectual or developmental disabilities face struggles when dealing with mental illness including depression, anxiety disorders, affective disorders, psychotic disorders, schizophrenia, avoidant disorders and dementias. Therefore, they may require specific programs.

Services this Program Offers

The Third Street Clinic in Harrisburg is an outpatient treatment center serving adults dually diagnosed with both mental illness and intellectual disability. All patients must have adequate verbal and cognitive abilities to participate in group therapy.

Programs offered at the Third Street Clinic include:

Adult MH/ID Intensive Outpatient Program
This program is for adults age 19 to 65 with a mental health disorder and moderate to borderline intellectual disability. Those enrolled in this program participate in group therapy, receiving three hours of therapy up to three days a week. The therapy sessions discuss goals established by the patient and therapist and intensively focus on coping skills and problem solving related to those goals.

Outpatient Program
Through this program, adults who have a developmental or intellectual disability and who have a diagnosed psychiatric disorder receive a psychiatric evaluation and ongoing medication management.

Getting Started

For more information about these services, call (717) 782-2160.
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