Supported Employment and Education Specialist (YWCA)

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The YWCA Greater Harrisburg is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

The Supported Employment/Supported Education (SEE) program utilizes a well-defined approach to helping people with disabilities or complex barriers participate in the competitive labor market and educational institutions. Our program uses an evidence-based treatment models proven to achieve positive results in helping people with mental illness obtain employment an enroll in schooling.

The YWCA Greater Harrisburg in conjunction with Case Management Unit (CMU), Dauphin county MH/ID, and Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute (PPI) Clinical Assessment, Peer Support, Treatment and ON-going Education/Employment (CAPSTONE) team will provide the Evidence Based Practices (EBP) of SEE and the NAVIGATE model to Dauphin County’s young women and men ages 16 -26 who are experiencing first episode psychosis (FEP).

Supported Employment and Supported Education are EBP espoused by SAMHSA.  SEE is a comprehensible approach to assist FEP consumers obtained meaningful, competitive employment and obtain education goals. SEE helps develop a sense of self-efficacy, independence and encourages consumers to think about and plan for their future.  The program is staffed by skilled employment specialists who pursue evidence based outcomes to this target population by implementing the affective NAVIGATE model and SEE principles with a high fidelity practices and policies mentioned in Supported Employment and Supported Education SAMHSA’s toolkit fidelity scales.

Supported Employment and Education Specialist (YWCA)

Supported Employment Principles:

  • Eligibility is based on consumer choice
  • Integration of Vocation with Treatment
  • Competitive employment is the goal
  • Personalized benefits counseling is important
  • Rapid Job Search
  • Follow along supports
  • Consumer preferences are important

Supported Education Principles:

  • Access to an educational program with positive forward progress is the goal
  • Eligibility is based on personal choice
  • Services begin soon after consumers express interest
  • Education is integrated with treatment
  • Individualized educational services are offered for as long as they are needed
  • Consumer preference guided service
  • Strength based and promotes growth and hope
  • Recovery is an ongoing process facilitated by meaningful roles

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