Adult Psychiatric Programs

The Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute (PPI) offers a wide array of inpatient and outpatient services for adults with mental illness. All care is personal, confidential and comprehensive.

Adult Psychiatric Programs

At PPI, we offer adult patients a variety of psychiatric programs based on their specific needs.

Our Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Program treats adult psychiatric patients that are struggling to overcome a mental illness that has significantly disrupted their daily activities. This program is designed for patients who are unable to care for themselves or loved ones due to their mental illness and may need to be voluntarily or involuntarily admitted to the hospital to become stabilized.

Our Adult Partial Hospitalization Psychiatric Program is for adult psychiatric patients that need more treatment than traditional outpatient services can provide, but do not necessarily need inpatient hospitalization. This program is also designed for adults that have needed the safety and structure of an inpatient stay and now need to continue daily treatment following their return home.

Our Adult Outpatient Psychiatric Program is a less restrictive level of care that allows individuals to seek treatment for mental health issues while continuing to maintain their daily life. Often, those in recovery who have completed an inpatient psychiatric program continue treatment and follow up through an outpatient program.

PPI also offers a number of special services and clinics to meet the needs of patients with specific mental disorders, including a bipolar clinic, Clozaril clinic, and mood disorder clinic.