Admissions Department

The Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute Admissions Department is not a walk-in facility. Patients as well as referring physicians must begin the admissions process by calling 866-746-2496.or (717) 782-6493

If you are a person in need of immediate assistance, please go to your nearest Emergency Department or dial 911.

Admissions Department

Once a patient arrives at PPI,  he or she will undergo a patient psychological assessment; our qualified team will:

  • Gather pertinent information from you, including a medical and psychiatric history and a description of your current issues.
  • Walk you through the admissions process and transition you to one of our inpatient units.
  • Discuss how we can best meet your needs during your inpatient stay.

How to Enter a Mental Health Treatment Program

Doctors and health care professionals

To make a referral for a patient who is medically cleared and needs inpatient mental health treatment, please contact the Admissions Department at (717) 782-6493 or (866) 746-2496.

Patients, family members and friends

If anyone other than a doctor is making a referral to one of our treatment programs, please know that a patient must be willing to sign in for voluntary treatment.  To begin the process, contact the Admissions Department at (717) 782-6493 or 866-746-2496.

Be advised that we do not admit walk-in patients at our psychiatric hospital or clinics.

For everyone’s safety, the Admissions Department is a locked facility that does not allow outside items to be brought in. Please leave valuables at home. Our security department will safely lock up any valuables brought to Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute.