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  • Dr. Kawasaki interviewed by Smart Talk on The midstate’s opioid crisis: Where are we now?

    What to look for on Smart Talk Monday, May 8, 2017:

    The opioid crisis has killed thousands in Pennsylvania over the past three years.

    On Thursday, WITF is hosting a forum at the Public Media Center: The Midstate’s Opioid Crisis: Where are We Now?

    Today, we talk about the epidemic, and dig into the challenges in getting help to those who need it.

    At the state and federal level, the crisis has been getting a lot of attention.

    But drug overdose deaths continue to rise.

    Dr. Sarah Kawasaki with the Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute will offer information about treatment, what the evidence says, and how people who are ready to recover from addiction can stabilize their life.

    Matthew Toth is in recovery after years of addiction - he’ll be here to share his story.

    And Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman will talk about what his staff is seeing, and how the justice system has been handling the crisis.

    Click here to hear the live interview

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