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  • Medical Leaders Oversee Continuing Growth and Development

    Our providers at Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute continue to develop new programs and grow existing services in order to meet the changing needs of our clients and our community. This includes the ongoing development of our staff to ensure that they have the training and the tools they need to provide quality, effective care.

    Below, our medical leaders describe some of the activities underway in their areas that are helping Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute and its providers build for the future.

    Adult Service Line
    The Adult Service Line at Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute is continuing to expand its programs and is serving more adult and mature adults than ever before. During fiscal year 2018, we achieved the highest inpatient census since the inception of Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute, and we experienced robust growth in the day program and outpatient services. We also obtained substantial funding from the state of Pennsylvania for our Opioid Treatment Program, allowing us to treat more patients. Meanwhile, our psychiatrists made presentations at regional and national professional conferences, enhancing the organization’s regional and national standing.

    Yu-Fei Duan, MD, PhD
    Medical Director of Adult Service Line and President of Medical Staff

    Child and Adolescent Service Line
    In fiscal 2018, the Child and Adolescent Service Line expanded it services to provide care that is more comprehensive to the children and adolescents we serve.  We started the transitional clinic for step-down patients to ensure they receive timely follow-up care after their discharge from our inpatient units. We also expanded the capacity of our partial hospital programs and started group therapy in the afternoons for our adolescent population either stepping down from inpatient services, partial hospitalization or referred from the community. We also recruited two new physicians, one each for our inpatient unit and partial hospital

    Ehsan Syed, MD
    Medical Director of Child and Adolescent Service Line, Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute

    Advance Practice Providers
    We continue to support the growth of our Advance Practice Providers (APPs), developing a mentoring program for newly hired APPs in the Department of Psychiatry at Penn State Health. This initiative gives APPs the opportunity to provide precepting and shadowing opportunities for Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Physician Assistants (PA) students within the department. We are also increasing the footprint of APPs in psychiatry via presentations at Penn State Heath, Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute and other areas of the community, as well as giving APPs the opportunity to pursue educational and developmental activities.

    Dr. Janet Passley-Clarke, DNP, MS, CRNP, PMH-BC
    Manager Advanced Practice Professional Clinicians-Psychiatry

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