Mature Adult Outpatient Psychiatric Program

Our Mature Adult Outpatient Program provides short-term mental health treatment to individuals over age 55. Program staff members recognize the profound impact that aging, specifically physical health concerns and memory loss, can have on one’s mental health. The goal of this program is to provide mental health treatment that acknowledges these concerns while effectively treating the mental health condition.

Mature Adult Outpatient Psychiatric Program

Outpatient treatment is a less restrictive level of care that allows individuals to seek treatment for mental health issues while allowing them to maintain their other life commitments. Those in recovery who have completed an inpatient program can also continue treatment on an outpatient basis.

The Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute (PPI) offers a convenient location for outpatient services at the Third Street Clinic on the Polyclinic campus in Harrisburg.

Our clinics provide a broad range of outpatient consultation, evaluation and treatment interventions for emotional, psychological or cognitive problems. Each person is provided with an initial assessment and an individualized treatment plan.

We offer a range of short and long-term individual therapy as well as group therapy and ongoing medication management as part of an individual’s treatment plan. Outpatient treatment by regularly scheduled appointments may include the following services:

  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Medication management
  • Individual, group and family therapies

Getting Started

For information about the Mature Adult Outpatient Program, please call (717) 782-2160.