Mental Health Speakers Bureau

Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute (PPI) believes that information and awareness are important parts of successfully treating mental health disorders and addiction. And as a leading provider of mental health services in the Dauphin, New Cumberland, Perry counties and surrounding areas, we have a responsibility to the community we serve to increase the education and awareness surrounding mental health disorders to the best of our abilities.

To this end, PPI has created a mental health speakers bureau program aimed at educating community hospitals, service organizations, faith groups, emergency services, schools, business groups and residents on a variety of topics pertaining to addiction, depression and all forms of mental illness.

Mental Health Speakers Bureau

What topics are discussed through the Speakers Bureau?

Recognizing the symptoms of stresses in your coworker or the people in your care is one step towards managing these stresses. The Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute offers trainings and presentations on the following topics:


  • Autism
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Mood Disorders

How to cope with

  • Grief and Loss
  • Stigma and Discrimination

Education and Awareness

  • Achieving Cultural Competency In the Workplace
  • Supporting families and loved ones with a mental illness
  • Teen Suicide
  • The Journey of an Alcoholic in Recovery


  • How to become a certified Youth Mental Health First Aider

Who are the presenters of the programs?

Our speakers bureau programs are presented by professionals working in the fields of mental health. Most are doctors, nurses, social workers and other mental health professionals from the hospitals and clinics that are a part of the Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute.

Their training and experience in recognizing, diagnosing, treating and coping with mental illness and addiction allows them to educate and share perspectives that can be an important part of understanding and supporting those affected.

How to arrange for a professional speaker on mental health disorders or addition

The Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute’s mental health speakers bureau is a free service available in Harrisburg, PA and surrounding communities. For more information on how to have one of our mental health professionals speak to your group, call (717) 782-2188 or email Ruth Moore at

If you are interested in a program regarding a particular area of mental health not listed above, call us to discuss the possibility of tailoring a program to your needs.