Our Leadership

The Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute (PPI) is led by an experienced senior leadership team. This team – in collaboration with our Board of Directors – oversees our daily operations and ensures that we provide the highest possible level of care.

  • Erika Saunders, M.D.

    Erika Saunders, M.D.
  • Philip W. Guarneschelli

    Philip W. Guarneschelli
  • James W. Jordon

    James W. Jordon
  • William Byrd M.D.

    William Byrd M.D.
  • Taylor P. Andrews, Esq.

    Taylor P. Andrews, Esq.
  • Robert Whalen

    Robert Whalen
  • William H. Pugh

    William H. Pugh
  • Susan Promes M.D.

    Susan Promes M.D.
  • Susan Comp

    Susan Comp